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GreenWorks is dedicated to helping the environment by diverting large quantities of redundant office and educational furniture from landfill with the prime aim of ‘re-use’. As part of the London Re-use Network which is made up of local charities and not for profit organizations that work together to deliver reuse and repair services, GreenWorks collects from very large office blocks to single office suites and provides second hand quality re-use furniture to charities, community and educational groups and small business via the network.

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March 2012

GreenWorks partners with Ede's to champion re-use
Ede's is one of the top relocation management service providers in London and we've teamed up to ensure thier clients redundant office furniture is re-used rather than recycled. ...More Information

Flying the new colours
GreenWorks gets a shiny new set of colours ...More Information

November 2011

GreenWorks and London Re-use update
Update from September and a review of services ...More Information

New Collection Services now on Offer!
GreenWorks as part of London Reuse Ltd has launched new collection services to give a wider and more comprehensive service. ...More Information

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GreenWorks Facts

GreenWorks celebrated its 10th birthday in 2010

We were among the first commercial furniture charities to recognise the scale of the 500,000 tonnes of waste being dumped in landfill every year

GreenWorks has helped over 5,500 charities and organisations providing low cost furniture

We have donated over 70 jam packed containers of valauable educational and office furniture across the developing world

Our volunteers programme has save the state over £500K in social benefit

We have 4 processing centres across the UK which combined offer over 100,000 sq ft of capacity to deal with unwanted items