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Green-Works is an environmental specialist in removing office furniture as well as removals from schools, nurseries, hospitals and hotels. Being best in class we provide a totally flexible and pragmatic approach for organisations who wish to ethically dispose of unwanted office furniture.

Simply hand over the problem and let us re-use, re manufacture or recycle your office furniture, electrical items, pictures, stationery and even the coat stand – so it’s all gone in one go and removed in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner.

Green-Works has the capacity to handle office moves involving just 8 or 8,000 workplaces! Our National network makes delivery and collections really easy and we guarantee to divert 98% of everything you give us from landfill.

We operate two removal systems ‘Just in Time’ and ‘Green-Streaming’ – the key difference between them is time!

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Just in Time

This is where time is king and you need disposal of unwanted items and a clear site urgently – usually just a few days to a week’s notice. Our contractors and trucks turn up day or night as arranged and complete the job – no exceptions. We then transport everything we pick up to the nearest Green-Works depot for reuse, re-manufacture or recycling

Green Streaming

This is more economic and environmentally friendly. Booking your removal a few weeks in advance of your clearance and informing us what items you need to dispose of, allows us to tailor the breaking up of non re-usable items on site (taking the raw ingredients directly to local recycling plants) and then the reusable items directly to the nearest Green-Works Depot (for onward sale to Charities, SME’s and Not for Profits) keeping the transportation costs much lower and environmentally friendly than the ‘Just in Time’ service and therefore a lower quote for the job.

For both of these we will report back to you in detail what has happened with the items we collected and where they have ended up – guaranteed!

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