Green-Works is an award winning social enterprise and registered charity dedicated to helping the environment by diverting redundant office and school furniture from landfill by providing reused and remanufactured furniture to small business, charities, schools and community groups whilst providing training and real work experience to the unemployed.

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Original furniture from recycled materials

Green-Works recycled range of office furniture includes desks and storage solutions; creating original items from 98% recycled materials.

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From: £15.00

Our cubes lock together creating storage walls, shelves, seating and are perfect for storing your record collection! Available in 3 sizes and a range of colours.

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From: £45.00

Sturdy and robust bookcases and shelving can be manufactured to suit your needs. We currently produce bookcases to order so you can decide the sizes to suit along with how many shelves you require. Sizes and colours can be specified by you!

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From: £75.00

These desks provide a sturdy and stylish option. Including adjustable feet and cable management solution, they are made from the highest quality material and come with a 1 year warranty. Sizes include 1200mm, 1400mm and 1600mm

* All remanufactured items are subject to VAT at the standard rate and are usually available in Maple, Beech and Oak and additional sizes can be made to order.

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About our product range

Green-Works recycled range of office furniture includes desks and storage solutions; creating original items from 98% recycled materials. The benefits of buying remanufactured, is not only are you helping the environment and improving your green credentials, you are also purchasing a top quality item that you can buy more of time and time again.

So regardless of how many you want now, you can be sure that further down the line you can come back and order more of the same, helping you to expand your office as slowly or quickly as you need without cutting corners on quality.

"Green" original product manufactured from reclaimed panels (reducing your Carbon footprint and landfill waste)

Ethical, and socially responsible our workshop provides real training for long term unemployed people

Privacy - panel end desk with modesty panel gives a high level of privacy, hides bins and bags etc

Well made, and fit for purpose we select only the highest quality reclaimed material for our products

Made in the UK utilising highly trained staff

Growing with your business - our standardised range means you can purchase as required, matching with your current furniture without compromising on quality or style