GreenWorks is dedicated to helping the environment by diverting large quantities of redundant office and educational furniture from landfill with the prime aim of ‘re-use’. As part of the London Re-use Network which is made up of local charities and not for profit organizations that work together to deliver reuse and repair services, GreenWorks collects from very large office blocks to single office suites and provides second hand quality re-use furniture to charities, community and educational groups and small business via the network.

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SOFA Office, Bristol

logo SOFA (Shifting Old Furniture Around) Project is a Bristol-based charity and social enterprise founded in 1982 which has specialised in the collection and supply of re-useable furniture, household goods, and domestic appliances. 

The environmental impact of the work SOFA Project undertakes means that in the year 2009/10 some 478 tonnes of furniture and domestic appliances were diverted from landfill which equates to reducing carbon emissions by approximately 380 tonnes.

Its social and economic impact is equally impressive with thousands of families benefiting from being able to purchase furniture and electrical appliances at low prices.  SOFA Project also has an excellent record of providing a large number of work placement opportunities for long-term unemployed people, and has worked with the Prison Service for many years providing rehabilitation placements for offenders.  SOFA Project was one of the first organisations to be awarded the Social Enterprise Mark.

The diversification of the business through developing a partnership with Green-Works will enable charities and small businesses in the South West to benefit from low cost reusable office and educational furniture, as well as providing a useful additional revenue stream for SOFA.  It will also create a number of jobs, new work placements for long-term unemployed and additional placements for the offender rehabilitation programme.

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Steve Orman - Project Manager on 

SOFA Office
St Vincent Works
Silverthorne Lane

0117 954 3579  


Opening times

Monday to Friday 08:30 - 17:00



"Green" original product manufactured from reclaimed panels (reducing your Carbon footprint and landfill waste)

Ethical, and socially responsible our workshop provides real training for long term unemployed people

Privacy - panel end desk with modesty panel gives a high level of privacy, hides bins and bags etc

Well made, and fit for purpose we select only the highest quality reclaimed material for our products

Made in the UK utilising highly trained staff

Growing with your business - our standardised range means you can purchase as required, matching with your current furniture without compromising on quality or style