Green-Works is an award winning social enterprise and registered charity dedicated to helping the environment by diverting redundant office and school furniture from landfill by providing reused and remanufactured furniture to small business, charities, schools and community groups whilst providing training and real work experience to the unemployed.

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Sierra Leone

Waterloo, Sierra Leone

Green-Works is unique in working in partnership with other charities to equip schools and health clinics in some of the world's poorest countries, particularly Sierra Leone.   Sierra Leone is officially the worst place in the world for a child to be born (UNICEF).  The country was ravaged by a brutal and destructive civil war that ended in 2002, resulting in huge loss of life and devastation of its infrastructure.  

Old School

Green-Works supports communities in Waterloo, the second largest town in Sierra Leone.   Here, families live in poverty in shacks just yards from open sewers.   Waterloo has just one medical clinic for a population of over 30,000, but no doctor.    There are around 75 schools in the town, many of which are made from mud or corrugated iron shacks.   All are crudely furnished and children often sit on uncomfortable carved stone or wooden, or even on the mud floor, to learn. 

Green-Works supplies vital furniture and learning resources to turn these classrooms into functional, modern, and better-equipped learning environments.  We also provide equipment and furniture to the health clinic and a new library being built in Waterloo by our partner CODEP.   


Before, our school building was leaking in the rain, the children and books got wet and some children have to sit on the floor as there was not enough furniture for them to sit on.  Now we have very good chairs which they can sit on and with the books they are able to learn to read better.  Teacher at a school built by CODEP and equipped by Sierra Leone. 


 Refurshibed classroom


Facts about Sierra Leone

 Sierra Leone is officially the worst place in the world for a child to be born*.  UNICEF

One in four children die before their fifth birthday.

It has the worst infant mortality rate in the world.

More women die in childbirth than in any other country

Life expectancy is just 42 years

Less than 30% of children receive any form of formal education and its literary levels are among the lowest of the UN league tables

Under 40% of the population of this English speaking country can read and write, 

Common and preventable diseases remain one of the biggest killers.