GreenWorks is dedicated to helping the environment by diverting large quantities of redundant office and educational furniture from landfill with the prime aim of ‘re-use’. As part of the London Re-use Network which is made up of local charities and not for profit organizations that work together to deliver reuse and repair services, GreenWorks collects from very large office blocks to single office suites and provides second hand quality re-use furniture to charities, community and educational groups and small business via the network.

What are your furniture needs?

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Our Service

We provide a ‘one stop shop' comprehensive and transparent service that ensures office furniture is genuinely diverted from landfill and dealt with sensitively from start to finish. There are several options we offer that cover a number of routes that your redundant items may follow with the whole process itemised and checked with a full audit trail report offered on conclusion of the project.

First things first, we need to understand the quantity of unwanted items you want removing, where they are and the time scales you are intending to work to. From there we offer a range of solutions that include:

Ten items or less - if you have a few office chairs, a desk or filing cabinate or two, we operate a regular weekly pickup in and around the City;

Just in Time - collecting everything to clear an office or site at short notice and taken to the nearest processing depot;

Green Stream Reuse - A planned process whereby we mange the inventory from your site focussing on finding local 'reuse' homes for the furniture (community groups, charities), recycle the non reuse low quality items locally and finally remove any remaining good furniture to our nearest depot;

Green Stream Offset - our potentially reduced cost service where by there is a lead time of several weeks in which we try to place a quantity of your unwanted items before removing the reamingin items to our nearest depot. This option can save you hundreds of pounds on logistics costs. The items placed locally under this option would need to be fairly modern and in good condition for this to work well.  

Site Clearance - we can recycle your unwanted card and paper and we offer a rubbish clearance service.

Secure Shredding - we can arrange secure shredding for confidential documents either on your site or at a secure location.

The next step is to give us a call on 0845 230 2231 or email so we can talk to you about the scope of the project and we can talk you through the stages and costs so it becomes clear which solution fits best.

We'll send you a simple inventory form in the first instance which helps to detail aproximate the numbers of items etc and also access arrangements, lift availability, parking etc. If you have some photo's to go with your enquiry - all the better! 


Furniture Facts

Around 500,000 tonnes of furniture goes to landfill each year

There are 180,000 charities in the UK who could benefit from yourunwanted items

A standard desk uses 530kgs of extracted material to manufacture new

Reusing furniture creates jobs and training opportunities for many disadvantaged or long term unemployed people

 An area of forest the size of the UK is destroyed each year and upto 50% of total forest cover has been destroyed by human activity