GreenWorks is dedicated to helping the environment by diverting large quantities of redundant office and educational furniture from landfill with the prime aim of ‘re-use’. As part of the London Re-use Network which is made up of local charities and not for profit organizations that work together to deliver reuse and repair services, GreenWorks collects from very large office blocks to single office suites and provides second hand quality re-use furniture to charities, community and educational groups and small business via the network.

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Project Oskar at KibbleWorks - Paisley

 Header  Project Oskar is the reuse hub in Scotland based in Paisley, Glasgow and a part of the Kibble Works social enterprise. Green-Works at KibbleWorks was set up with the aim of delivering unwanted office furniture across Scotland. With Project Oskar, domestic furniture and a wider range of services are now available with the furniture comes from a variety of sources in the corporate sector, local authorities, government bodies and the public. 

Porject Oskar diverts the redundant office and domestic furniture from landfill and benefits dissadvanteged groups, small charities, the public and community organisations by selling it for a fraction of the original price. 

Why not check out the website for a full run down on what we do!? or drop us an email enquiry on or you can give us a call on 0141 842 8020. 

We have a huge range of high-quality, second hand domestic and office furniture at fantastically low prices including suites, desks, beds, filing cabinets, comfy and office chairs, right through to notice-boards, coat stands and bedside tables. Whether you're a member of the public, start-up business, community group, school, voluntary organisation or charity, we provide those on tight budgets a conscientious alternative and save you precious money. 

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KibbleWorks is the enterprise and employment hub of Kibble Education and Care Centre and was developed to provide a spectrum of training and employment opportunities for young people who have been in care or are preparing to leave care. To read more about the work of Kibble please visit: 

Opening Hours: 

We are open Monday - Friday 9.00am - 4.30pm - all are welcome to come and look around. 

To view the huge range of furniture we have available please call one of our customer service team TODAY on 0141 842 8020, or you can send an e-mail to 


Project OsKar

55 Clark Street



0141 842 8020

 KibbleWorks Facts

 KibbleWorks employes 5 members of staff to train 5 boys

The young people in the warehouse perform a variety of tasks including orders, delivering goods across Scotland, undertaking sales and marketing and forklift driving.

 Many of the boys at KibbleWorks have fallen out of the education system and have no where else to turn

At Kibble there is a range of programmes on offer - everything from catering to car mechanics.