What we do and Why

The Problem

Around 500,000 tonnes of furniture are sent to landfill every year in the UK, and this figure has gone up over the last few years as offices churn more often and as furniture has changed with the changes in the workplace.

  • An area of forest nearly the size of the UK is destroyed each year
  • Up to 50% of total forest cover has now been destroyed by human activity
  • To manufacture just one 70kg desk requires 530kgs of extracted material
  • Reusing office furniture saves around ¾ the amount of carbon produced to create a new item.
Office Furniture Removal

The Solution – Creating a Valuable Resource

Green-Works supplies communities nationally with a huge source of quality office furniture – and at low cost prices. There is a growing need.  With more than 180,000 charities, around 86% have incomes under £100,000! There are also 29,221 schools and 26,422 nurseries & playschools, all of whom have tight budgets.

In addition to this large selection of office furniture, we provide original items of furniture manufactured by our in-house joinery team from redundant desks and cabinets.

Green-Works has already been responsible for diverting over 60,000 tonnes of furniture from landfill and have helped over 5,000 organisations, from charities to business start ups to nursery schools saving them around £2.5m by buying recycled or remade furniture.

Office Furniture Removal London