Employee Case Studies


I unfortunately was made redundant in November 2008 and found it very difficult to find work. I then decided to sign on and hopefully find work though the Job Centre. I had been signing on for just over a year, when I was told about a new scheme called The Future Jobs Fund. It sounded very interesting so I went along to a Future Jobs Fund Fair and it was there where I had a brief encounter with Lydia and Trisha from Green-Works. Straight away I knew working for Green-Works would be the ideal opportunity for me. I became very excited as not only have I always worked in Sales but I had finally found something that suited me best.

I was then hired Full-Time in March 2010 and joined the Sales Team. I was rather familiar with some of the Sales tactics that where being used but as they say “you learn something new everyday” and that’s how it’s been since my very first day here. I felt welcome straight away and now feel part of one big family.

I’ve always approached every position I’ve had with the attitude that it’s going to be the best job so far, but with each one, my experiences seem to get better and better. Since working here I’ve been given great opportunities, learned many new skills and if you want a change, Green-Works certainly have the support structure to help you decide what’s best for you. Not only have they given many young people like myself, the chance to get back into work, gain new skills and become more confident in our working environment but they also give everyone the opportunity to better themselves and their futures.


joined Green-Works from Downview prison in January 2009; she is due for release at the end of July 2009. Carmen has grown into her role and has more and more responsibility as her confidence grows in each area.

“I came to Green-Works on a day release work placement from Downview Prison with newly acquired accounting, book keeping and computer administration qualifications. I was placed within the Finance department to give me the experience to go with my qualifications and to develop my skills further. I was also given the chance do more IT training and a NVQ in Business Administration. It’s been great to have the opportunity Green-Works have given me and I’m very glad to be working with a team that have always actively supported me and never judge me by my past.”



joined us via one of our third party agencies and has been working in the joinery department whilst he is studying at college one day per week.

“I was sent here on a work placement in the joinery department, learning about the CNC machine, I have enjoyed it so I have stayed on after my work placement ended as a volunteer. I get on well with the supervisor and the other volunteers in the department. This is practical experience which is helping me with my current joinery course at college.”



KibbleWorks is Green-Works’ franchise in Paisley, Scotland who create long term employment opportunities for socially marginalised young men giving them life skills and support along the way. Robert joined as a trainee and has completed manual handling, first aid and fork lift driving courses.

“When I turned 16 I got an interview for a place at Kibbleworks. It was really nerve wracking but I got through it! It’s brilliant here and I’m so glad to be working now and getting this training”



Stewart has just started volunteering at KibbleWorks warehouse in Paisley. Stewart, aged 23, was previously employed as a scaffolder. However, after five years of working on construction sites Stewart decided that he wanted to pursue a more rewarding career.

As a young boy Stewart had always wanted to work with young people who didn’t have a great start in life, but lacked the confidence to do so as he felt his peers would ridicule him. So now that he is more mature he has decided the time is right to follow his life’s path. Stewart has taken the brave decision to change direction. Having heard positive reports about the work done at Kibble, Stewart contacted Kibble’s Volunteering works. Volunteering with the warehouse at KibbleWorks will be an ideal way for Stewart to explore a possible career change.

Stewart will be involved with the young people in the Green-Works department, dealing with furniture deliveries, cleaning furniture and arranging furniture displays. After his first day at KibbleWorks Stewart said “I really enjoyed myself, I had this notion that Kibble would be this dark and dreary place but it was surprisingly a very nice place. I thought that the boys would be hard to approach but they just spoke away to me as if I was one of the boys – it was just brilliant”.